TÜTED is a leading Telecommunications Industry Association in Turkey. Operating as a non-profit organization and a non-governmental entity, TÜTED is the voice of companies operating in the telecommunications products and services sectors.

TÜTED membership profile, composed of individual members as well as companies, constitutes a comprehensive and sound representation of the Turkish telecommunications industry in areas such as:

- GSM Operators

- Incumbent/Competitive Long Exchange and Long Distance Carriers (ILECs, CLECs, IXCs)

- Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

- Network Equipment and Mobile Terminal Manufacturers

- PBX, Telephone and other Customer Premises Equipment Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors

- Service Subcontractors for Fix and Mobile Network Services

- Trunked Mobile Radio Operators, Mobile Radio systems suppliers and distributors

- Systems Integrators, Value Added Resellers and Software Companies operating in the Information Communication Technologies

While aiming to accelerate Turkey’s path to form an advanced information society, TÜTED pursues a win-win philosophy for the benefit of the telecommunications eco-system by evaluating and developing balanced interest of all constituents: consumers, the regulatory body, companies and workers participating in the sector.

TÜTED organizes press meetings to bring up issues in the sector, in addition to technology and product related seminars, forums and workshops. In order to produce solutions to the sector’s challenges, the association participates in shared efforts and projects with government ministries, telecommunications regulatory bodies, standards organizations as well as other important commerce and trade associations.

Our goal is to:

Increase the telecommunications sector’s input to the Turkish economy,
Create and support projects that support innovation and sectoral employment,
Accelerate the professional development of Turkey’s young population,
Facilitate the formation and measurement of occupational standards,
Become a point of reference for new R&D incentives in the sector,
Help establish policies and incentives that favor domestic production and value-add,
Act as a coordinator and a mediator between the private-sector and the government on issues related to the sector
Realize joint projects and promotion activities in partnership with other non-governmental organizations,
Create public opinion towards reduction of the tax burden for communications services,
Promote free and fair competition
Develop and support projects that introduce new opportunities for innovation and employment.

Our Vision:

To turn the telecommunication sector into a “leading sector” in Turkey. To become an association that produces new ideas and projects in cooperation with the training organizations and non-governmental organizations, which enables communication and coordination between private-sector and public institutions in order to obtain the infrastructure, knowledge and labor required for development, production, and consumption of the newest technologies; as well as creation of added-value for the countries in the region.

Our Mission:

To ensure communication among the industrialists, wholesalers, retailers, operators and service suppliers in the telecommunications sector and their employees,
To promote solidarity among members,
To identify common needs,
To produce solutions for occupational and professional problems,
To organize activities for the intellectual and physical development of the members,
To prepare means of cooperation in telecommunications-related standards, terminology, training and legal regulations.